The reason why email marketing is still the best

Digital marketing is a big deal nowadays. New methods and techniques for seo marketing are being devised every day. In the midst of all this, it’s easy to assume that email marketing is an outdated process.

We can consider it because it is no longer used or is not getting desirable results.

However, I couldn’t be more wrong.

Email marketing is still widespread today. In fact, it becomes more successful over time. But what makes it such an attractive marketing technique, despite being so old?

Well, let’s find out.

Here are the reasons why people are still in love with email marketing:

1. Low cost

The main reason email remains a favorite is the cost factor. It has a very low cost involved. All you need is a working email ID and you are ready to start working on email marketing tactics.

Sometimes people start buying email addresses in bulk. However, it is quite rare. For the most part, they send emails only to people who actually subscribe to the site.

An emerging practice is to use software to automate the generation and sending of emails. However, this cost is usually lower compared to other modes of marketing.

There are no printing charges involved, nor is it necessary to pay fees for ad space, such as space on television and newspapers. In general, email marketing is still one of the cheapest modes of marketing.

2. Only for customers

Most marketing techniques involve users who may never have interacted with the brand. Some types of digital marketing tactics target users who have shown similar interests in their actions, as seen on Facebook and Google.

However, email marketing is the only marketing mode in which users themselves request to be part of the company’s subscribers.

Companies obtain the email addresses of users when they subscribe to newsletters or when they register on their website.

Getting pre-approval from customers ensures that the email sending effort is more visible and effective compared to other marketing methods.

3. Target your audience

One of the great merits of email marketing is that it allows you to target a particular segment of your audience.

Since companies often obtain email addresses by subscription or registration, they also capture their basic customer information such as name, gender, age, location, etc.

This information could be used to create guidance emails.

For example, if your company has a great deal for students, you can send emails to users under the age of 24. And, if your company offers discounted prices on women’s clothing, then you may consider targeting women instead of men.

Users may also notice the pattern that they receive only those emails that are relevant to them. Thus, in addition to saving a large amount of resources, the company is also capable of generating a trust factor between the customer and the brand.

4. Ask them to make a move

One-way marketing, despite having a broader scope, suffers from a very critical drawback, namely the lack of interaction. Even if you present the best marketing ideas, the user is free to ignore them.

In simpler words, you just can’t force users to make an effort to pay attention to your offering. However, small efforts can definitely pay off.

Email marketing allows you to make those efforts. By introducing a simple “call to action”, you can ask users to visit your website and see what you have to offer.

Having a call to action also saves you the hassle of providing too much information in the mail. Therefore, in the body of the email, you can simply include the most attractive content.

5. Saves you the effort

Besides being profitable, it is one of the simplest marketing methods out there. No high-end software is required, no big team, no separate department.

All you need is the necessary hardware and a few professionals who know the job.

There is always the possibility of using better tools and software in email marketing.

However, people mostly prefer the simple format, as it is mainly the content that decides the effectiveness of an email. The lack of complexity allows you to fully focus on creating engaging email content.

6. See your score

One prominent feature that makes email marketing desirable are metrics. Most traditional marketing methods have poor or no metrics, such as radio, television, and newspapers.

However, in email marketing, despite being decades old, you can get all the measurements you need.

Also keep in mind that to identify performance metrics, you would need the right email software.

Proper software will tell you everything correctly, from the number of emails that were actually opened to those that redirected the user to your website.

These results could give you insight into what is working and what is not working for your campaign.

7. See instant results

One of the great benefits of using  email marketing  is that it allows you to see instant results. As soon as you send an email, the user will receive it or be notified about it. Most people check their emails within 24 hours.

Therefore, whether the user decides to accept your offer or not, they will be able to see the actual results the next day.

Most other marketing methods take a few days or even weeks to get results. But email marketing can get you the results before the date changes.

Some people argue that such hasty marketing is counterproductive, but that is completely untrue.

8. Without borders

Email marketing is an important part of internet marketing and it has no geographical limits.

While this is true for any digital marketing method, email marketing is the true alternative to traditional marketing methods like print and television.

The difference is that you can target clients from all over the world belonging to various countries, genders, age groups, professions, etc.

The greater the range of clients you choose, the greater your potential client base.


Email marketing, despite the negative stereotype, is alive and well even today. As mentioned above, there is a ton of speculation that makes people fall in love with him.

Although there are other marketing methods that can outperform the email method in one or two ways, overall, it remains one of the most effective and accessible marketing methods in the world.